BeachTeach Incursion

One of our most popular attractions, the BeachTeach Incursion has just had an upgrade. Although nothing beats stepping off the bus, smelling the salty air and running in the sand, this is the perfect incursion for Stage 1 Wet & Dry Environments/Under the Sea. 

The program, designed by qualified, experienced teachers, is based around the Stage 1 HSIE unit, but also incorporates Science Skills outcomes from the new Science & Technology Curriculum. However, we can easily adapt the program to suit higher or lower years. 

Our BeachTeach Incursion has two aims:

a) Teach students to think scientifically about the ocean and its inhabitants. We do this with inquiry-based activities using a range of dry artefacts, seafood and images. 

b) Enable students to use what they've learnt for a "Challenge". Students will use Challenge Based Learning to apply their knowledge and understanding to solve real world problems using technology. Students will consider their audience, their aim and their message, then choose to create a viral video, an image, or an infographic. 

Challenges require the use of iPads. We have a small number for students to use in groups, however if your school has iPads, please ensure they are loaded with the iMovie App and booked for your incursion!

BeachTeach will provide you with ongoing support and guides to help complete students' Challenges. We are happy to be contacted via email or phone for support at any point. We will also (with permission) post students' Challenges on our website, twitter feed, facebook page and youtube channel!

Please note: Due to ethical concerns and the already abundant pressure on our ocean, BeachTeach no longer use live animals for our incursions. Our activities include a huge range of dry artefacts, games, interactive stories. Because our programs are designed by highly experienced teachers and marine biologists, we guarantee your students will be completely engaged in a world of ocean learning, without adding to the pressures on it.

Stage: From Early Stage 1 (simplified for junior primary)

Duration: 1-1.5 hours per class depending on the number and age of students

Cost: 1 class - $8/student | 2-3 classes - $6/student | 4 or more classes - $5/student

Marine Biologist Presentations

BeachTeach have a range of Marine Biologist Presentations for Primary School students. Some examples of themes include 'Oceans & Indigenous People', 'The Ocean & You', 'Life Below the Surface', 'All Drains Lead to the Ocean', 'Who Looks After the Oceans?', and 'Sharks - Perfect Evolution'. Presentations are not typical talks, but interactive and engaging workshop-style presentations with props, artifacts and photographs.

We use Challenge Based Learning to leave students with the opportunity to use what they've learnt and apply it to real world conservation efforts. 

Stage: From Early Stage 1

Duration: 40-60 minutes depending on age of students

Cost: $300 | No limit on numbers