Marine Biologist Presentations

BeachTeach have a broad range of Presentations for Secondary School students. Presentations are based on Syllabus Outcomes, the list of which can be seen below. Presentations are workshop-style and engage students through questioning, visuals, and interactive activities. 

Stage: Stages 4-6

Key Learning Areas:

7-10 Science (Living World - Classification 4.8.2, Evolution & Natural Selection 5.8.3, Ecosystems 4.10 & 5.10, Resources 4.11 & 5.11)

7-10 Geography (World Heritage Sites 4G1, Global Environments 4G2, Global Change - Sustainability 4G3, Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship 4G4, Investigating Australia's Physical Environments 5A1, Issues in Australian Environments 5A3)

Stage 6 Biology (A Local Ecosystem 8.2, Life on Earth 8.4, Evolution of Australian Biota 8.5)

Stage 6 Earth and Environmental Science (The Local Environment 8.3, Water Issues 8.4, Caring for the Country 9.4, Introduced Species and the Australian Environment 9.5, Oceanography 9.8)

Stage 6 Secondary Science (Water for Living 8.2, Local Environment 8.5)

Stage 6 Food Technology (Availability and Food Selection 8.1, The Australian [Sea]Food Industry 9.1)

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $200 | No limit on numbers