BeachTeach Incursion

With fun, multi-sensorand inquiry-based activities in groups, the BeachTeach Incursion is perfect for vacation care activities. We encourage students to think about the world below the ocean's surface and all the amazing creatures that live there. 

The Sea Creature Incursion is run as a series Discovery Stations, each allowing students to discover something new using a range of senses

Please note: Due to ethical concerns and the already abundant pressure on our ocean, BeachTeach no longer use live animals for our incursions. Our activities include a huge range of dry artefacts, games, interactive stories. Because our programs are designed by highly experienced teachers and marine biologists, we guarantee your students will be completely engaged in a world of ocean learning, without adding to the pressures on it.

Duration: 40 minutes per session for a class of up to 18 children. 

Cost: 1 session - $200 | 2 sessions - $380 | 3 sessions - $500 | 4 sessions - $600 | 5 sessions - $625